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EnjoyPhilippines.com features the most beautiful travel destinations, fantastic tourist spots, top hotels, resorts and leisure facilities as well as the most interesting places and establishments in the Philippines. To contact the website's developer, send an email to roderick_delacruz@yahoo.com.

Top Tourist Attractions of the Philippines

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sunset in the beach of boracayThis website seeks to share with the world information about an amazing archipelago called The Philippines. It discusses in length the prospects for tourism in the Philippines, the opportunities that await investors, the wonderful experience that overwhelm foreign visitors both old and new, and the most fantastic destinations one can ever see in this part of the world. Truly, the Philippines is a unique tourism nation. Visit the Philippines' top tourist destinations now!  To contact the website's developer, send an email to rodericktdelacruz@gmail.com

panglao island beach

At EnjoyPhilippines.com, you can peek into Filipinos' history and culture mirrored by centuries-old churches, ancient forts and modern museums. See the best of nature in the Philippines' white-sand beaches and three-layered virgin forests. Blessed with an extensive coastline, the Philippines is ringed with unspoiled beaches and first-class resort facilities. Its deep-blue, crystal-clear waters offer about 40,000 square kilometers of coral reefs teeming with a wide variety of marine life.

Endowed with a tropical climate, the Philippines offers a perfect treat to enjoy the sunlight. Lying in Southeast Asia and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, the Philippines boasts of unsullied beaches, spectacular sunsets, luxuriant pastoral lands, cool mountain weather, brilliant man-made resorts and dazzling islands.

a sunset view in boracayThe Philippines boasts of some of the best beaches and scuba diving waters in the world. Witness the vast expanse of nature's splendor under the spell of cool mountain breeze. A perfect setting for romance or nature tripping, the country's mountain villages serve as a perfect hideaway from the lowlands' summer heat.

Feel the breeze of summer at white-sand beaches of Boracay, Panglao and Palawan deemed as among the world's finest; be fascinated at the spectacular view of Baguio, Sagada and Tagaytay; and take a dip in the refreshing waters of modern resort facilities in Laguna and Bulacan. If you have yet to see the Philippines, then embark now to what promises to be a trip to paradise!



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